Digital Marketing Solutions

Do you need a digital marketing solution?

At Monivan Digital we provide custom digital transformation solutions to meet the needs of your business, at the core of every solution there are 4 focus areas:

    • ZYour Digital Ecosystem
    • ZYour Digital Infrastructure
    • ZYour Digital Marketing Plan
    • ZYour Results (Performance Analysis)

    Through these core services, we work with our clients to meet specific organizational goals:

    Your Digital Ecosystem

      • Online Presence Assessment

      • Website Grader 

      • Identify Gaps 

      • Strategic Recommendations

    Your Digital

      • Website Development 

      • Email Marketing Structure/Setup

      • Lead Generation 

      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      • Analytics Set-up


    Your Digital Marketing Plan

      • Digital Strategy

      • Content Marketing 

      • Social Media Marketing

      • Email Marketing 

      • Digital Advertising

    Your Digital Results

      • Relevant KPIs

      • Performance Analysis 

      • Strategic Recommendations

    The Monivan Digital Solutions


    Monivan Feng Shui

    This is perfect for businesses in operation 2+ years looking to turn their  online presence into a system that can:

    • Take business to the next level
    • Grow customer base
    • Maximize revenue opportunities

    Monivan KickStarter

    This is perfect for new businesses in operation 1-2 years looking for a digital ecosystem that helps: 

    • Build Brand Awareness
    • Grow customer base
    • Identify revenue opportunities

    Monivan Digital Roadmap

    This is perfect for entrepreneurs and independent professionals who need:

    • A Digital Roadmap
    • Actionable steps for marketing activities

    Every marketing action must be intentional, trackable and drive the customer to the next step in the purchase funnel 

    This is the guiding principle in all our solutions,at Monivan Digital we develop practical solutions from marketing your business online based on your business goals

    Empower your team with the Knowledge to Transform your Business

    Develop skills in key marketing areas with our training program

    Transform your sales and marketing team into a digital powerhouse with our exclusive training.  Get the training they need to drive maximum growth, increase efficiency, and boost ROI through digital and online channels!