Meet Jamila Bannister Personal Brand Strategist

We are so excited to Introduce our first expert Jamila Bannister that will be working with the businesses.

As a Personal Brand Strategist she supports entrepreneurs who want to stand out from their peers and market their business with thought leadership and personal branding. In Jamila’s words “I focus on helping business owners improve and leverage the 3 BIG C’s .

These are: Being more Confident and prepared to lead by helping them refine their voice, clarify their message and plan their strategy Teaching them how to use Content to attract the people they want and position their brand How to be great Communicators so they build relationships, negotiate opportunities, leverage PR and partnerships to boost visibility, influence and public trust! There are doors relationships open that money can never buy it’s way into…..this is what I tell people when they ask the “why” on personal branding. The art of creating relationships and influence is vital for every business owner to build their community of supporters and network of influential friends and contacts. I help you do this is three ways: I can help you boost your confidence by finding your voice and refining your message I can teach you how to create content that attracts and engages the perfect people for you I can teach you how to be a better communicator so you can build a network, both online and offline that will support you as you move towards your goals.


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November 24, 2022

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