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Why Tamara Mon Louis is the Digital Marketing Consultant Your Business Needs Right Now


In today’s business, the significance of a results-driven digital marketing strategy cannot be overstated. I’m Tamara Mon Louis, a seasoned digital marketing consultant with over 20 years of professional experience. My career has allowed me to work for prominent organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Hilton Worldwide. These roles not only honed my skills in digital marketing but also led me to relocate across the country, further broadening my professional horizon.

It’s this extensive experience and a passion for digital marketing that inspired me to establish my digital marketing agency Monivan Digital Marketing Solutions. My journey has been a testament to my commitment and expertise in this field. 

I understand the challenges you, as a business executive, face in navigating this ever-evolving space all the new digital marketing tools, and the new social media marketing trends.   You’re not just looking to sustain your business; you’re aiming to grow it. Digital marketing is no longer optional – it’s essential. Without it, you’re leaving significant revenue on the table. Many businesses have attempted to revert to pre-pandemic strategies, but the reality is starkly different now. It’s crucial to carve your niche in the digital realm.

As we work together, my goal is to help you confidently report back to your CFO about the tangible growth digital marketing has brought – think a 10 to 20% increase in revenue year over year. We will look beyond mere likes and follows, focusing on concrete results. 

As a digital marketing consultant with a focus on small businesses

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My role goes beyond just providing expertise and marketing consulting services; I aim to integrate seamlessly into your team, becoming a part of your business’s journey. It’s essential to remember that digital marketing isn’t a magic solution. Hiring a consultant like me doesn’t mean you can step back completely. Your involvement is crucial to the strategy’s success because you bring invaluable insights into your business.

Take, for instance, a recent experience I had with a client who owns a yoga studio. During our meetings, we delved deep into her business metrics – analyzing the most popular classes, the ones that were less attended, overall revenue, and untapped opportunities. What stood out was her profound understanding of these numbers. Her insights were not just impressive; they significantly enriched the strategy and recommendations I provided. 

This collaboration underscored how essential a business executive’s input is in shaping an effective digital marketing strategy.

How much does a Digital Marketing Consultant cost 

Let’s cut to the chase and address everyone’s burning question: “How much does a marketing consultant typically cost?” Before I unveil the grand fee reveal a quick reminder – investing in my services is like buying a first-class ticket to Growthville!   And now, drumroll, please, for the big reveal!

My Approach to Fee Structures

I pride myself on having a fee menu as varied and interesting as the businesses I partner with. So, whether you’re a quirky startup or a seasoned enterprise, I’ve got something for everyone. Here’s the rundown:

Fee Structure


Estimated Fee Range

Hourly Rate Ideal for specific tasks or consultations, charged per hour of work. $175 – $300 per hour
Project-Based Fee A flat rate for entire projects, perfect for one-off tasks with clear outcomes. $2,000 – $10,000 per project
Retainer Fee A fixed monthly or quarterly fee for ongoing services is best for long-term commitments. $3,000 – $7,000 per month
Half Retainer, Half Performance The best of both worlds: a steady retainer plus a bonus for hitting those gold stars. Customized based on the project


Choosing the Right Engagement: Long-term vs Short-term

Your business goals are at the forefront of deciding our engagement length:

  • Long-term Engagements: Best for those seeking consistent growth and strategic input over time. This allows me to understand your unique challenges and opportunities deeply.
  • Short-term Engagements: Ideal for addressing specific digital marketing campaigns or issues within your digital marketing strategy. They’re focused and goal-oriented.

Measuring the Impact of Our Collaboration

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To ensure your investment in digital marketing efforts pays off, here’s how we’ll gauge our success:

  • Setting Clear Goals and KPIs: We’ll define success metrics right at the start.
  • Regular Reporting and Communication: Expect transparent, detailed reports on actions taken and results achieved.
  • Comparing Pre- and Post-Engagement Metrics: We’ll assess the growth and improvements brought about by our strategies.
  • ROI Analysis: Together, we’ll analyze the return on your investment, focusing on revenue growth.
  • Qualitative Feedback: Beyond metrics, we’ll look at how digital marketing has enhanced your team’s capabilities and strategic positioning.

In partnering with me, Tamara Mon Louis, you’re not just choosing a consultant; you’re embarking on a journey of growth and digital proficiency. Together, we will transcend traditional marketing methods and imprint a significant mark in your industry through innovative digital marketing strategies. Our collaboration is geared towards achieving tangible, revenue-enhancing results through your marketing channels.

Embracing this journey of transformation and growth

Tamara Mon Louis chief digital marketing strategist at Monivan Digital, digital marketing consultant

I also recognize the pivotal role of continuous learning and education in the realm of digital marketing. That’s why I am thrilled to introduce “Your Business in Digital,” a specially curated podcast for small and medium-sized businesses.

This platform is an extension of our shared commitment to growth, offering a wealth of expert insights on effective digital marketing strategies that are essential for your business’s expansion. Our podcast not only focuses on marketing nuances but also bridges the gap between various aspects of your business – from finance and sales operations to leveraging all your digital assets. It’s an opportunity to fully unlock the potential that the digital world holds for your business.


More About “Your Business In Digital”

[capYour Business In Digital Podcast Graphic

“Your Business In Digital” is more than just a podcast; it’s a journey into the heart of digital strategy. We provide our listeners with in-depth knowledge on integrating different business facets – finance, sales operations, and marketing – within the digital framework. We aim to help businesses develop a cohesive strategy to effectively engage their target audience and achieve set goals. The podcast brings together wisdom from industry leaders and success stories of businesses that have thrived in the digital space. Each episode is filled with actionable insights and forward-thinking strategies, designed to keep you ahead in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing market.

Our ultimate goal with “Your Business In Digital” is to empower you, the business owner, to harness digital strategies not just for growth, but for maximum profitability. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the digital world or seeking to elevate your existing strategies, this podcast is a reservoir of practical, actionable guidance.

Stay Connected and Empowered

Join us on this enlightening journey by tuning in to “Your Business In Digital” every week. Dive deep into the world of digital marketing and discover strategies that can transform your business.

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Together, let’s navigate the exciting digital landscape and unlock new avenues for your business’s success.

Tamara Mon Louis

Digital Marketing Consultant: Elevate Your Small Business with Tamara MonLouis From Trinidad to Your Team: Crafting Digital Success Stories. As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I, offer a wealth of expertise to your business. Greetings I’m Tamara MonLouis, the founder and Chief Digital Strategist at Monivan Digital. With over 20 years in the industry, my experience includes pivotal roles at renowned brands such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Hilton Worldwide, which took me across the country. These experiences were crucial in shaping my digital marketing strategy and approach. Now, I apply this extensive background to help small and medium-sized businesses grow and succeed. Fun fact: I was born in Trinidad, bringing a global vibrant perspective to my work. These experiences were crucial in shaping my digital marketing strategy and approach. Now, I apply this extensive background to help small and medium-sized businesses grow and succeed. Fun fact: I was born in Trinidad, bringing a global vibrant perspective to my work.



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